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tv   KTVU News at 4PM  FOX  October 29, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> today on the "dr. oz" show, all new -- >> you heard it here first. >> five newest, fastest fat busters. >> in many ways it's the holy grail. >> they change the appetite! >> dr. oz's secret formula to drop three pounds in three days. plus -- >> it melts away the fat through the skin. >> it's painless. >> never seen results like this! >> next.
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[applause] >> thank you. from african mango to green coffee, it's the most talked-about topic. everybody wants to know what's the newest, fastest fat buster. you've been stopping me on the street, emailing me. even me family is asking me the same question, how can i burn fat without spending every waking moment dieting and exercising? i don't have time to put in any more effort the wl, i can tell you about a revolutionary fat buster. you heard it here first. it's called garcinia cambogia. a pumpkin-shaped fruit that grows in southeast asia and india and it just might be the most revolutionary fat busting ingreent to day.
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this doctor is at the forefront of the research. >> the ideal weight loss program is one in which you lose fat and retain muscle or even build it. with garcinia cambogia, we can make that happen. i tell women, look at your dress size. if your figure is getting much smaller, that's exactly what you want the -- want. >> gars in -- garcinia cambogia is an exceptionally effective fat burner. when it's not burning fat, it's making muscle the >> could it be the pill you have been waiting for? approximate approximate the newest fast buster and one of the least expensive is garcinia cambogia extract. i know it's a mouthful. i want you to write it down. garcinia cambogia. it may be the simple solution you've been looking for to bust your body fat for good. dr. julie chen, a california internist, is here with more on
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the studdy. educate us more about the garcinia cambogia. what makes it so special? >> there's a lot of expensive supplements out there for weight loss. what i love about this is it's one of the least expensive out there for people to use and it's been shown in studies to increase weight loss two to three times what people would lose with just diet and exercise alone and they've been able to isolate the compound and put it into a capsule. >> i'm stunned i hadn't hearned of this. it comes from the tamarind fruit. it's a fruit used in chutney sauces, soup preparations, there are a lot of traditional medisin -- medicinal uses for it so it's been around a long time and that makes me
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comfortable about its safety. go through the weight loss with me. how much could the average woman lose in a month, say? >> about four pounds. but i'm a big proponent of healthy weight loss and people will actually lose two or three times more if they do that with the supplement. there is an increase in serotonin. it helps manage the stress hormone cortisol so a lot of times patients notice an -- a decrease in the belly foot. >> any time i see a scientist excited about this stuff, i get excited myself. but please listen carefully, i don't sell the stuff, i don't make any money on this. i'm not going to mention brands. i don't want you conned. i'm going to walk you through
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exactly how you would find this but i got to say i'm intrigued with how this works. explain how it's different from all the other weight loss supplements in the past? >> it's great baw it's a dual action fat buster. it's --, it suppresses appetite and prevents fat from being stored in the body. >> dr. chen has prepared a little demrongs for you -- demonstration for you. first she said it blocks fat. this is your liver. often times when it gets hold of sugar it creates fat. there are special enzymes that will take what you have eaten, that extra doughnut, bit of
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white bread, so go ahead, pour that into your liver. when you do that, not surprisingly, it can flow spot liver and selectevly fills up the fat cells and they begin to swell up. the liver will soak up some but continue to make those fat cells as big and robest -- robust as they can. you all seen this happen? that's the current state of a lot of us. garcinia cambogia blocks the enzyme. effectively it uncorks the pathway that allows you to turn that sugar into energy and by doing that, one sec, your fat cells can begin to shrink out their material, convert it into energy and if you eat sugar, you are unable because of the
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garcinia to make more of that fat cell. that's why this research is so superb and interesting to me because it makes me think differently about how your liver converts sugar into fat and can now convert it to energy. why is this so special to new >> it's really important because early on a lot of patients wanted to see the numbers go down on the scale, but that's not as important as body comsgs -- compogs change. -- composition. if you are actually getting more lean muscle mass and less fat, you are more of a fat-bust r -- must -- busting machine yourself. >> think about that, folks. instead of focusing on your weight, you can focus on your dress size. the things we should really be caring about because the energy is used to build muscle, not
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fat. if you were listening carefully, dr. chen said there's two ways it works. one is by this, making less fast. the other is by dealing as emotional eating. this seems to work as an appetite suppressant. as you take the pill that has the extract from the garcinia cambogia, it changes the way the stomach empties out the food. there are chemicals released from your intestines that go into the bloodstream. they go up to your brain and change the appetite. the -- if you make more serotonin the nerve cells sense things differently and will begin to release fat. without that stressful, inflamed environment the fat cells will naturally take you back to your playing weight and you stay fuller for longer. as an internist who takes care
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of patients, do you recommend this to your patients? >> i do because it has other benefits. they same the patients had a decrease in cholesterol, the ldl and an improvement in hl -- hdl which is the good cholesterol. and they said patients that were obese showed some resistance in insulin resistance. in many ways, it's the holy gray. it's not just the pill. don't go home thinking it's the pill but with the tools we have this becomes a very interesting new tool for us. you guys interested? i thought you might be. jaws are dropping. i'm going to tell you more when we return. dd
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[applause] >> we're back talk by the newest, fastest fat buster, garcinia cambogia extract. want to know how well it works? well, meet missy. this is what she looked like before she began taking garcinia cambogia. while she began taking it she lost 10 pounds in less than four months. here's what she looks like now. you look really good. i don't even have a waist any more! >> little bit the >> come here, have a seat. you look wonderful. when you first started taking the garcinia cambogia, how long did it it begin until you --
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take until you gap teeing weight los? >> after i was on it about a week to 10 days i started noticing results and continued taking it for a couple more months until i went down from a dress size 10 to an 8. >> and that's great. you can -- you are going to have that body mass change. the fact is that you are going to look leaner in your clothes and your body is going to go down because you will be more compact. >> did you notice any changes in appetite? >> yes. i noticed a decrease immediately, especially with the sugar. i also saw a big increase in energy. >> that's i think a great example of the effect of the serotonin. the mood is better and maybe the cravings. but also the sugar you are
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eating and making into glycogen, you have less sugar cravings. they saw -- saw that in the studies. the emotional eating with the sleep and all that, that will improve. >> any side effects we should be warned about? >> i had no side effects at all. basically i wanted to take something that would jump-start me. i was at a plat o', -- plateau, i wasn't losing, only maintaining and once i started taking the supplement that's when it took off. >> dr. chen, what do we look for on the bottle? >> it's really important to look for the words garcinia cambogia or g.c.e., which is garcinia cambogia extract. you are looking for a percentage of the hca of at least 50% and because it
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actually is absorbed better with mineral salts like potassium or calcium, you want to make sure that's included. >> k or potassium. how much should folks nake >> some studies went up to 5,000 or 6,000 but i would probably say if you're going to use higher dosages than 3,000, make sure you clear that with your physicianless >> what time of day should folks take it? >> on an empty stomach. that's extremely important. 30 to 60 minutes before the meal because there's a lot of food products in -- products in the foods themselves that bind to it. the highest effects the studies saw were two hours after you eat it. 30 to 60 minutes allows you to have the highest dosage while
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you are processing the food. >> i've warned everybody i'm not going to mention specific brafpbletds but what you should look for, zero fillers, zero binders. zero artificial ingredients. you will never see my picture next to it. i will never sell it so if you see my picture you will know. got a question over here? you can stand. what's your name? >> lourdes. >> what's your question? >> who shouldn't take this? >> if you're pregnant or breast feeding i would never take an herbal supplement until we know a ton about it. these are, because they've within been used in parts of the world for thousands of
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years, maybe but we haven't done the research. i would caution you about diabetes. the reason is, is this is going to lower your blood sugar. so if you are on diabetic medication you want to be sure you are talking to someone, like a doctor, otherwise the blood sugar can go too low. if you are going to take the stuff, go to and tell us how it did for you so we can edcated everyone else the coming up, the skinny shot. curb your cravings with this ultimate fat buster. i'll tell you what's in it. riders by lee slender stretch denim holds its shape and flatters mine all day,
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from saturday morning soccer to a saturday night on the town. riders by lee. they instantly slim you.
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>> all right, who's hungry? anyone hungry?
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>> yes! >> well, i've got the ultimate cure for you. what you have in your hands is the ultimate skinny shot. the contents of this glass can curb your cravings and shrink your fat for good. that's right. scientists have discovered the newest, fastest fat-busting food. cheers! it's a little seed. but researchers are cawing it a giant fat buster. the pine enough. commonly used in culinary dishes, pine nuts were used centuries ago in siberia to curb appetite during times of low food supplies. now, modern science reveals that ancient practice had merit. pine nuts have the same heart-healthy fatty acids as -- that subdue hunger hormones. pine nuts contain high-quality
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proteins and make you feel full faster by suppressing powerful hunger signals to the brain. curb hunger, curb belly fat, all without tight die -- diet and exercise? pine nuts maybe the simple way to shrink your fat for good. the newest fat-busting food is pine nuts. this little nult that's -- has some giant fat busting properties. here's what you need to know. eat enough to fill a shot glass daily. that's about 60 calories. and you can eat them any time you desire. they will help control cravings as well. the secret ingreent is pineoleic acid. in tests subjects reduced their food intake by 36%.
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that's a whopping amount. christy? when do you get your worst hunger cravings? >> usually at night. >> bedtime? when everyone is sort of gone and you're by yourself? >> my son's asleep. yes. >> what do you usually reach for? >> nothing good. nothing good. popcorn. chips, pep ermint patty. she's my friend. [laughter] >> yeah, she's a wonderful person the the thing about the pine nuts is you can eat them all day long and they will work. three ways you can try them -- i love them raw and i love nem the morning the the second way is to grind them up and fix a pesto-like sauce. go ahead and taste that pasta we've prepared that way. when you grind them up, it releases more of that oil. are you hungry?
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>> yes. >> you can have more in the break -- break, if you don't mind the don't speak because your mouth is full! [laughter] and the last way is to drizzle the pine nut oil on salad and in your supes -- soups. it's a fabulous way of diversifying the dressings you make to yourself. >> they're great. i'd have both at dinner time. >> you'd have both? oh, well, a toast time-out coming up, the newest fat busting procedure. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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>> for the first time on this show, i'm revealing a new fat-busting procedure that shrinks your belly fat. 34r569 surgeons swear by it and absolutely no needles or scalpels are required. are you still struggling to get rid of your bulging belly? you may think you need to endure painful lipo, tummy tucks or other surgery. but now there is a revolutionary new procedure that melts the fat away. it's a dual action fat bust irwhich uses the high-tech power of ultrasound to drain fat from your problem areas.
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this doctor says it's a game-changer. >> it is a noninvasive device that gets rid of that stubborn body fat without a single incision. i've had patients who tell me it feels like a hot stone massage. this treatment is so great i've had it myself and the results are phenomenal. >> you say it's changing the way we bust our fat. why is that? >> absolutely. it's noninvasive body conturing. that means no needles, no canulas, and no surgery. women were having to pay upwards to $5,000 to have their fat removed and now we have an effective, affordable way of doing that. it can be as little a $450 a treatment session. >> yeah,


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